Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lapland Longspurs at Antennae Farm

  On my way home from work this morning I drove past the Antennae Farm on Haggerman Rd., near the Pt. Mouillee State Game Area and found a pair of Lapland Longspurs within a flock of a dozen Horned Larks.  The poor photo quality was due to bad lighting, distance, thermal waves caused by temperature differential between the car and the ambient 15 degree air and as always operator error.
Lapland Longspur

Horned Lark

Google Map showing Antennae Farm location

Below are some photos taken at Sterling State Park
Eagle on Monday

This morning there were a pair of Whitetail does feeding off the Winterberry(?) trees.

Bipedal Deer

Careful, you might get some in your mouth


  1. even with all those ambient waves you still take better pics than I do.

  2. Thanks, I just close my eyes and hold the shutter button down and maybe one shot comes out less bad than the rest.

  3. Now you are getting too technical...