Friday, November 1, 2013

Sleep Mode

What do cats and computers have in common?  After 15 minutes of no activity they put themselves in sleep mode.  Then the cat outsmarts the computer by moving just enough to keep the machine active as she uses it as a heating pad.  Brilliant.

   I had an accident with my car a couple of weeks ago(no one injured) but I think I may have a concussion.  Not from the accident but from the rental car I've been driving since Saturday.  My car, which is in the body shop, has about a foot of head room when I'm in the driver's seat.  The rental car has about 3 inches. . As a result, I banged my head on the door frame of the rental as I entered and exited it the first couple of days.  The headaches are just now fading and my pupils are almost the same size again.   On a positive note, I've been sleeping real well this week.  That's good.......isn't it?


1 comment:

  1. Cats and computers can be a weird combination in these parts. Evidence has shown that when Natalie strikes the laptop keys, Quill can spiral into a seizure. I'm serious. He will also do the same thing when I strike the floor-tom on my drum set....

    Watching a cat spaz and drool is no fun.