Sunday, April 21, 2013

Same birds better photos

      This morning the Eastern Towhee was back in my yard.  I was able to get a little closer and the early morning light was better.

The reason the photo of the Junco below looks like I used a flash, is because the sun was low and directly behind me producing pretty much the same lightsource-camera-subject angle that a flash would.   The result was a well-lit bird but the photo lacks depth because of the absence of shadows.  It is the same reason stargazers don't waste time taking their telescopes out to look at the moon when it's full because the straight-on lighting without shadows gives the moon an underwhelming untextured flat appearance.

Of course if it's April in the 'hood there is always a chance of Common Loons.  This is the third one I've had fly over this month.
  Added a new yardbird this morning (#129), when a pair of Wood Ducks flew just above the trees, giving me a great look but no time for a photo.
  If anyone out there is paying attention may have noticed that most of my birding blogs the past few months have been about birds in my yard. I've been training for a new job and haven't had much time for frivolous birding excursions. Well on Friday I completed 5 months of boiler operating training. I'm now the guy who makes your electricity.  If you have any disruptions to your electrical service contact me at  .  I'll do what I can (nothing) to make things right.  


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