Monday, February 18, 2013

Flying Ducks

     Went to the DNR headquarters in Harrison Twp to attempt to view the Gyrfalcon that had been refound by Ed Lewandowski yesterday.  Of course the falcon never appeared in the two hours I was there but I did see lots of ducks.



Common Goldeneye

Common Merganser

    About an hour and a half after I left for home the Gyrfalcon was spotted again near the DNR Headquarters.

Editors note (added 2/19/13) : Later reports indicate that the Gyrfalcon was observed while I was on the north side of the point photographing the ducks.
Here is a video of ice being pushed onshore by the strong winds.  The reason the video is unsteady is that I was using a monopod instead of a tripod and had a 60 lb. dog leashed to the same arm that was stabilizing the rig.

  For some reason seeing the ice pile up made me think of a book that I got for next to nothing off the clearance rack at the Wayne State bookstore, when I went to school there.  The title of the book was 'Principles of Structural Glaciology'.  Talk about a dying glaciers while you still can kids.  Three decades transformed it from a science book to a history book.  Anyway it goes to show that you can't tell a book by it's cover. It was a pretty dull read, unlike its dynamic title.  I probably carried that book around for two months so that people would think I was smart. Come to think of it I think I met my wife during those two months.   Hmmm......maybe for two months I was smart.

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