Monday, July 5, 2021

American Avocets Over Lake Michigan 7/5/2021


Species 168 on the Yard List

  The photo above shows a flock 12 American Avocets that flew past my yard this morning.  I had been hoping that I would see them some day from my yard.  Would have preferred them strolling on my narrow beach (140' below my bluff),  rather than zipping by a half mile offshore.  But at least I had good lighting.

  Other flying things of interest in and around the yard this weekend were.... neighbor's gravity-defying cat

...and Marine 1 (there were actually two flying together).  The Presidential Helicopter was coming from Traverse City where the President paid a visit.  He wasn't on the chopper though, he had jetted to Delaware on Saturday.

Noisy July 4th Flyby

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